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XL19i Air Conditioner

Dual Compressor System


The leading technology in air conditioning systems is the Trane dual compressor system. The dual compressor system means it basically has 2 units in one. The first compressor is for the milder fall and spring days; the second compressor is for the really hot days. This system increases efficiency and lengthens run time in spring and fall so you get maximum dehumidification from your system. Furthermore, Trane is the only manufacturer that builds compressors to fit their systems. Therefore system longevity and better performance is a byproduct of this Trane distinction.

XV90 Furnace

Variable speed 2-Stage Operation


The Trane XV90 gas furnaces is the state-of-the-art residential heating system. Not only does the system convert 90 percent of the fuel to heat but also the Comfort_R Enhanced Mode is an efficient and effective way to remove humidity. Also, the heat exchanger is the part in the furnace that separates the open flame in the furnace from your air ducts and is what protects you from carbon monoxide. The Trane XV90 has a lifetime-limited warranty on this vital part further showing that Trane equipment is built to stand the test of time.

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