Poland Heating and Air Maintains your Exiting or Custom Installed Systems.

If you have Concerns about your System Efficiency, Call us at (770) 781-4001.

Existing Systems

•Heat Pumps


•Fans and Evaporator Coils

•Control Units

•Air Purification

Poland Heating and Air's Experts can diagnose and evaluate the most cost effective means of making repairs to your existing systems.  Older systems can cost up to 50% more to operate that newer systems.  While some repairs can be an effective approach to maintaining your comfort, we may suggest upgrading your existing equipment.  Rest assured that we will not arbitrarily sell you systems you do not need.
Custom Installed Systems




We represent the best system manufacturers in the business!  Providing you with a vast selection of Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Furnaces, Air Filtration Systems, Humidifiers and More.  Please take a look at our Featured Products Page or call to set up an in home estimate to determine which systems are of interest to you.